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Are you looking for the best wheel repair, rim repair and alloy wheel repair in your area?  Then look no further go to the bottom of the page and find your state.

Wheel repair and rim repair has evolved over the years. 20 years ago you used to have to take your wheels off the car and go to a shop to get your wheels fixed. You would have to wait typically at least a day or more to get your wheels back repaired.

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You Can Find Wheel Repair & Rim Repair Wherever You Are

Now wheel repair can be performed by many companies nationwide often by multiple companies in the same city. Back about 12 or 13 years ago the mobile wheel repair side of the business came into existance. Repairing the wheels right on the car while you wait grew fast in this country to have many, many wheel repair companies. In 30 minutes to an hour per wheel you could be on your way and back on the road with your wheels looking new again.

Now there are wheel repair, rim repair and alloy wheel repair franchises that have mobile wheel repair units around the country ready to serve your needs and save you loads of cash off buying new wheels.

What Kind Of Wheel Repair & Rim Repair Can Be Done?

What kinds of damaged wheels can be fixed? The most common damage is the scraping of the wheel against the curb while driving or parking. Most commonly called curb damage. Another type of damage is when you hit a pothole or object on the road and wheel is bent and requires wheel straightening. Sometimes the wheel won’t bend but is cracked. Some cracks can be welded back into place by skilled aluminum welders. Although not all cracks can be fixed. There is also chips from rock damage, also wheel refurbishing from fading of the paint or wheel refinishing from peeling of the clear coat. All these repairs can be performed by wheel repair professionals from around the country.

But how can you know who to trust with your wheels and know that they have the experience in wheel repair & rim repair to perform the repair safetly and give the quality you deserve that will last years to come?

The Wheel Repair Network brings together quality wheel repair companies from around the country to one place so that you can choose the nearest to you that is the most convenient.

The orginators of The Wheel Repair Network were one of the first wheel repair companies to be mobile back in 1997. So they have the experience and knowledge to pick partners who are trusted in the quality and who will treat your wheels as if they are their own.

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Aluminum Wheel Refinishing Fix Rims Wheel Rim Repair Rim Straightening Bent Rim
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